Soll Leisure - more people more active more often
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About Us

Who are we?
SOLL (VALE) is a registered charity whose purpose is to provide recreational opportunities for the communities it serves. It is a not for 
profit organisation which means that all surpluses are re-invested into the service and community. SOLL (VALE) has a voluntary board, with community representation that provide a wide range of professional 'added value' skills. We have continued to thrive and develop within the leisure industry and last year compared to 280 other listed organisations within our sector we:

  • were the 5th fastest growing company within our sector
  • created the 6th most pre-tax profit return on total assets
  • created the 6th most sales return on total assets
  • were the 20th most profitable

What we do?

Our purpose is to;

  • Provide or assist in the provision of facilities and services for recreational, sporting or other leisure time activities in the interest of the public at large and for social welfare
  • Encourage healthy and active lifestyles
  • Provide or assist in the provision and management of a wide range of facilities from art, culture and heritage to parks and open spaces

Our vision

Soll's vision is to get 'More People, More Active, More Often' and is doing this by being a fun and innovative company that is affordable, accessible and profitable.

We love what we do and we hope that you do too!